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[808m004] Jin Yerei  - Bootycumbiatraxx LP
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[808m004] Jin Yerei - Bootycumbiatraxx LP

Label: 808m
Catalog: 808m004
Released: 18.05.2011
Styles: Experimental House Techno

1. Cumbia Egipcia 07:33
2. Mescalera (put your drinks up) 08:39
3. Cumbia Kraut 05:59
4. Hey you (el chant africano) 07:59
5. I walk 06:24
6. Estudio 54 04:05
7. Caricia Funky 05:47
8. Technocumbia 07:44

Source's preview
It’s been a couple months, you know. 808m003 felt like a fresh start, mainly because we (808m) were inactive for 2 years. Long time. But I learnt from my mistakes. I sure do.
I learnt something in this relatively new music business: If you don’t release anything, you lose market share. If you lose market share, you lose recognition. If you lose recognition, people won’t download your music because you’re new. It’s kinda stupid, but If we all agree in something: the fact of public recognition. You must be a well-known musician, with a fan-base.
I know, that’s bullshit. Believe me, it’s true.

This release represents hard work, basically. I have to work 9 hours-a-day, office-time shifts in an university at Puerto Madero. It’s exciting at a certain point, because I got freedom for working on my own stuff. But I cannot make music, because people won’t tolerate “that stupid noise that’s coming from the speakers“.
So, this album was thought on many different ways (it’s my first LP!). I wanted to make something new, fresh that sounded right-in-time. Believe me, it was not sitting on my studio’s comfy chair and sample this, that and get shit done by an engineer. No, ma’am.

This album was conceived in a 3-year range, going through many different ways. I had some ideas from a elder track I made from Crashroots (an open-source music community that got me hooked); and took others from my musical background from the Buenos Aires’ Conurbano, where Cumbia is still the most popular/cultural movement everywhere you look at. A little bit of Cumbia, a little bit of DJ Funk, a little bit of furgón made me get together all that puzzle pieces and make this piece of contemporary music, close to plunderphonia, best described by Cris Cutler in Quaderns D’Audio.

Yes, of course. There will be haters, smartasses, douchebags; but I’ve got the most powerful tool and full support for making this idiots go away: my friends.

Jin Yerei

Release date: May 18th 2011 (Digital), May 25th (CD).
All tracks produced by Federico Sánchez Maidana at Ventana de Vidrio, Buenos Aires, AR.
All tracks mixed and arranged by Federico Sánchez Maidana at Ventana de Vidrio, Buenos Aires, AR.
Mastering and mixdown by Federico Sánchez Maidana at Ventana de Vidrio, Buenos Aires, AR.
All tracks are under a Creative Commons license (by nc-sa 2.5 AR).

Photo: Nahuel Zambrano (Fonactif).
Digital post-production made by Estudio 8m.
Additional screen printing on Pirate-Ready CDs courtesy of Julieta Martin (Experiment).


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