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[wh191] Aristidis K.  - Zero Point

[wh191] Aristidis K. - Zero Point

Label: Webbed Hand Records
Catalog: wh191
Released: 16.05.2011
Styles: Ambient Drone Soundscapes

1.Emission Lines [03:27]
2.Lament for Ur [04:51]
3.Ground Control [01:22]
4.Belarus [03:30]
5.New Ideas [03:11]
6.4:37 am [06:06]
7.Quantized [03:27]
8.Cosmos [15:25]

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Aristidis K. crafts lush, abstract soundscapes usually with guitar, bass and effects. The result is shimmering ambient drones alternating with melodic sound paintings.

About the album:
"Zero Point", the second album by Aristidis K., is an attempt to capture the
ambiguous feelings about the descent route of decay back to the starting point!
This time Aristidis composes,arranges and records impromptu soundscapes using
his guitar, a bass and some stompboxes from his pedalboard!

Aristidis K. is an experimental and ambient guitarist hailing from Greece.

Born in Ioannina, Aristidis began playing the guitar at the age of 15, and participated in several bands, both as a guitarist and composer and lyricist. After attending classes in general music theory and jazz theory, he became very interested in the traditional music forms from various countries around the world, influences that he incorporates into his own compositions and performances.

He is thrilled with the act of producing frequencies and creating atmospheres, and enjoys poetry, animation, painting and nearly every form of artistic expression.

Recording and Mixing by Aristidis K.
Mastering by Achilleas C.
Artwork by Mariana Z.


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