Techno-Релизы    2011    May
[treetrunk 152] Ps  - Never Step On Moss Again

[treetrunk 152] Ps - Never Step On Moss Again

Catalog: treetrunk 152
Released: 15.05.2011
Styles: Ambient Experimental Soundscapes
Total time: 19:47

01. tardigrade transmission of self-determination
02. arise my volvox bethren
03. reign of worms locust hydra

Source's preview
Ominous glitch drone ambient sounds from the microscopic waterworld. Recorded live at the last day of a 4 day workshop on DIY microscopy where we hacked some cheap webcams into microscopes to observe microbiology life and reuse it for different art projects. Puredata image analysis was used to throw midi control values to revisited sound setups built with Jeskola Buzz. Field recordings from the lab work itself was used live and manipulated realtime. Treetrunk welcomes this innovative combination of phonography and experimentation.


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