Techno-Релизы    2011    May
[bre022] Bezdna Radio Essentials 022

[bre022] Bezdna Radio Essentials 022

Catalog: bre022
Released: May 2011
Styles: Electronic Compilation

01. Double Trouble – Approaching [Moments EP [TUP005]]
02. PlotKA – Original Causes Of The Conceivable (Calmness Condition Version) [Bezdna Radio Essentials 022 [BRE022]]
03. Feldmaus – Put On A Magical Hood (Passage Version) [Spaces [PASS001]]
04. Etherlink – Highway Hypnosis [Various Artists - Schall Mauer [SCHALL_005]]
05. Craque – Dub Stack [Metathreading [TUBE199]]
06. Hotel – Quarto 203 [Segundo Andar [TUBE203]]
07. Pet Slimmers Of The Year – World Without Stars [Pet Slimmers of the Year EP [LOSTCHILDREN060]]
08. Sleepy Town Manufacture – Trem [Hello And Goodbye EP [MTK208]]
09. adamned.age – Dust In The Cold Light Of Day [Whiteout [PS013]]
10. Solarein – Demo V [Bezdna Radio Essentials 022 [BRE022]]
11. DJ Nikto – Skamgreppet [Hedningarna Remixes [TOP42]]
12. Marcel Pequel – Alneodie IV [Alneodies [RAIN032]]
13. Amish82 – Pewter (Maps And Diagrams Remix) [Shovels And Cava [SUSTEMOS024]]
14. Ed.s – Lock [Lock [QZ_01]]

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Take another deep dive into the calm ocean of sound with this wide genred compilation. [BRE022] brings you almost an hour and a half of finest netlabel music and includes two exclusive tracks by PlotKA and Solarein.


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