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[Sadayatana 019] Sleep is Not An Option

[Sadayatana 019] Sleep is Not An Option

Label: Sadayatana
Catalog: Sadayatana 019
Format: 158kbps mp3
Released: 26.03.2011
Styles: Ambient Podcast
Size: 211.0 MB

00:00 Sadayatana - Modulator ESP Live

60:11 Sadayatana - Voiceover...

61:42 Caul - Apophasis (remixed)

75:27 Subseason - Ocean (remixed)

82:43 Saiph - Der Letzte Mensch (remixed)

98:55 C. Reider & Desohll - Falling Into Disrepair (remixed)

120:20 Mystified - Constant (remixed)

125:51 S/M - The Way Down (remixed)

137:00 Sadayatana - Voiceover...

139:37 Palancar - February, 16, 2007 (The Machinery of Melancholy)

161:23 Palancar - February 2, 2008 Part 1 (The Omicron Transmission)

183:38 Sadayatana - Show Outro

Source's preview
Thanks to Modulator ESP for playing live on Sadayatana. It was a fantastic set. Man I bet he's going to be dragging ass into work on Monday. Sunday there in the UK they lose an hour due to daylight savings time and he was up till 4 am playing live on the show. AWESOME!

The middle section was a Dark Winter netlabel megamix with a twist. I had remixed ahead of time several of the large tracks available there and then mixed them together for about an hour. Thanks to the artists involved. I seriously can't get enough of that Subseason II. So good. And thanks for making the work available with a license that allows for remixing. See below for the tracks that were used (albiet not neccessarily in that order.)

Last but not least a couple tracks from my favorite ambient train wreck by Palancar. Thanks for so much great music Pal.


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