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[wh174] Mystified & The Ghost Between the Strings  - Ghostbone

[wh174] Mystified & The Ghost Between the Strings - Ghostbone

Label: Webbed Hand Records
Catalog: wh174
Format: 320 Kbps MP3
Released: 25.03.2011
Styles: Ambient Drone

01 Glacial March [05:58]
02 Fear Is a Force [05:58]
03 Frigid Elevation [08:58]
04 Truth and Tension [23:11]
05 The End of Resolution [06:02]
06 The Deepest Unremembered Ritual [05:42]
07 Rivers of Midnight [05:53]
08 Peace Without Certainty [06:46]

Source's preview
A collaborative effort, these fascinating drone-ambient works are made with trombone and processed guitar.

“Ghostbone was recorded in late Winter of 2011 by French guitarist The Ghost Between The Strings and American trombonist Mystified. No synths were used. Only acoustic sources are in this release. Some sounds were processed before mixed, and a random function in the processing tool was heavily used, to add chance to the palette of tools on board. Mystified would like to add that these are some of his most nefarious soundscapes. Whether it was the influence of TGBTS or an especially brutal Winter it is hard to say, but this music tests the extremes of darkness. Listen and find yourself stranded in a midnight Old World forest. . .”–Thomas Park, mystified

This album will be available as of April 2011 as a packaged CDr from Dark Meadow Recordings.

Recorded and produced in 2011
The Ghost Between the Strings ( — Guitar
mystified ( — Trombone



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