Techno-Релизы    2011    March
[sosep025] Flavien Dutal ‘n Momomo  -  Minim(ent)al

[sosep025] Flavien Dutal ‘n Momomo - Minim(ent)al

Label: Sostanze Records
Catalog: sosep025
Released: March 2011
Styles: Minimal-Techno

01. Rom'boys
02. Escience
03. Utchr
04. Fuckhenrik

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French artists Flavien Dutal and Momomo show us particular sounds, which catch your mind and heart immediately.
Minimal music accompanied by electro and progressive without ever missing the fluidity that makes it pleasant listening to each track.
Flavien 'n Momomo already seem to have the experience to overcome the limits of minimal and merge it with other genres, creating something fresh, suitable for various situations.
Sostanze Records presents this new product conscious as always of offering interesting ideas and good music.
Close your eyes and dive into the french sound of Flavien Dutal 'n Momomo.

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