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[wh170] No-xygen - U-235

[wh170] No-xygen - U-235

Label: Webbed Hand Records
Catalog: wh170
Format: 320 Kbps MP3
Released: March 2011
Styles: Ambient Drone Industrial

01. The Harvest of Souls [06:42]
02. A Light of 10,000 Suns [07:27]
03. Embers [03:41]
04. Black Rain [04:59]
05. In Remembrance [03:32]
06. In Silent Ruins [03:28]
07. Aftermath [01:09]

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No-xygen returns to Webbed Hand with this, their second produced dark ambient collection. This album was produced prior to “…entry to a defiled reverie…” [wh166], in 2010.

“No-xygen is dark/ambient project from Greece which started in 2007 by Manos F. and Thanos M. The first release “towards the sun” was recorded in 2008 and it was a sample of space/ambient music. After more experimentations the music changed to something new, dark and eerie. In 2010 No-xygen released the second release entitled “u-235″ a more dark ambient/industrial album. This one led the project to release in 2011 the third album so far “…entry to a defiled reverie…” which is also the landmark of no-xygen’s sound and of the direction we follow so far.”

Manos F. : Synthetic Devices/Loops/Samples
Thanos M.: Mixing/Sound Forging/Samples/Field Recordings/Guitar Feedback
Music composed by Manos F.
Produced and Mastered by Thanos M.



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