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[bsc_011] Dntel  - Clelia II

[bsc_011] Dntel - Clelia II

Label: Basic Sounds
Catalog: bsc_011
Format: 320Kbps MP3
Released: 29.06.2011
Styles: Ambient Experimental Field recordings
Size: 69.0 MB

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Sub Pop recording artist and LA based producer Dntel (aka Jimmy Tamborello) is best known for his 2001 release, Life is Full of Possibilities, and his collaboration efforts with Ben Gibbard as The Postal Service. Jimmy started composing as Dntel in 1994 and was sharing his works with friends on cassette tapes before being officially signed to Phthalo Records in 1998 with his album, Early Works For Me If It Works For You.

On Clelia II, Tamborello continues the theme and exploration of his earlier experimental efforts incorporating instrumental ambience with vocal snippets and captions. His latest basic_sounds release takes you upon the Clelia II Antarctica cruise ship during extremely harsh weather conditions. The 30-minute journey starts off with a passenger’s home video narration layered over top of repetitive alerting tonal elements and heavy flooding washes. The piece slowly evolves into a calming melodic ambient voyage full of tranquil field recordings, manipulated water gurgles and soothing melodic strings. From rough waters to peaceful relief, Dntel captures the last leg of this trip, where all passengers are thankful to be heading home to safety. This work was originally created for a 12-hour Tonalism Dublab event hosted by the Toronto Music Gallery.


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