Techno-Релизы    2011    June
[dplm27] Serendipity  - Moody Weather

[dplm27] Serendipity - Moody Weather

Label: Deeplimit
Catalog: dplm27
Released: June 2011
Styles: Ambient Techno
Size: 56,8 MB

1. Serendipity - Moody Weather [7:09]
2. Serendipity - Wind Dub [5:54]
3. Serendipity - Becoming Spring [6:58]
4. Serendipity - Winter Revisited [6:58]

Source's preview
State of flight and zero gravity.
Sounds harmony coming from the window, rain tapping and wind rustling are replaced with the ambient peace and calmness of winter.
Serendipity affects the most subtle chords of feelings and emotions.
Sometimes you want to cry, sometimes to dance, to lie down and recall how it was, to imagine it will be.
Excellent mixture for memories, dreams and magic sleep.

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