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[sadayatana032] My Grandparent s House

[sadayatana032] My Grandparent s House

Label: Sadayatana
Catalog: sadayatana032
Format: 141kbps MP3
Released: 18.06.2011
Styles: Ambient Drone Experimental Podcast
Size: 186.5 MB

00:00 Vera Lynn w. The Casini Club Orchestra I'm In The Mood For Love
02:09 shinichiroa - The 1st wave
05:45 Viktorianna - Viktorianna I
21:38 Pavonine - untitled1
27:17 Olifaunt - Grimoire
39:21 Alalu - Esagil
40:43 Pavonine - untitled2
50:18 Alalu - Esagil
50:18 Sadayatana - Intro
52:09 Blasfemonauta - Esoterica
58:50 Proxenus - Mythus Von Christ
62:00 shinichiroa - The 2nd wave
63:31 Pavonine - Cocytus
68:50 Backyard Ghost - I Found Your Skeleton
70:40 Alalu - Dark Spirale
72:54 Backyard Ghost - Tales of the Pale Moon
75:38 Astra Autisma - In Articulo Mortis
76:22 HäxenexäH - HäxenexäH I
85:08 Digital Mass - The Murk 2
120:44 Invisible Waves - Somnus
122:56 AEP - 10111000111
125:40 Ego Death - I Hope Ya OK Toon
125:41 Bryce Beverlin II - Black Hawk Up
129:55 Pavonine - Farador
133:54 shinichiroa - The 3rd wave
140:03 Tree Helicopter - Count Control Control
143:46 Sadayatana - Voiceover
147:42 Pavonine - Enduring Discomfiture
152:40 Astra Autisma - Omnes Una Manet Nox
154:58 Tree Helicopter - Prairie Fire
159:17 Stillborn Ghosts - Ethanol Ritual
162:40 Tree Helicopter - Papa November
167:07 FluiD - Frail
172:24 Tree Helicopter - Poacher
177:43 Lizzie Miles - Cotton Belt Blues
180:49 Sadayatana

Source's preview
Opened and closed the show with some 78 rpm recordings from Vera Lynn's version of "I'm in the Mood for Love". I wanted a dirty scratchy record. Instead it had been processed to reduce the noise. So hey! I added my own noise. And then Lizzie Miles gives us "Cotton Belt Blues" to close out the show. Yea I know it's not ambient music. If I could explain why this works I would be a writer instead of dj'ing this show. Suffice it to say that it works for me, and I hope it works for you!

Also, Vera Lynn is most famous (now anyway) for singing "We'll Meet Again" at the end of Kubrick's "Doctor Strangelove".

Thanks to Pavonine for providing me with some of her unreleased material for tonight's show. Please use headphones (good ones if you have them) when listening to this show especially. Her music can be very subtle. Fantastic.

Played a lot of drone/dark ambient music from the seemingly defunct Okkulth Records netlabel. Great stuff there. More later. And the new release by Digital Mass The Murk 2. Really nice, meditative piece. The drone reminds me of Nurse With Wound's "Salt Marie Celeste". Which is a good thing. A very good thing.

Three tracks from Shinichiroa's recent Shades of the wave release on Field Noise Records netlabel.

A couple Backyard Ghost tracks. Love his stuff. Very gracious to allow me to include his music here. Finishing up with several tracks from an early Webbed Hand Records release, Tree Helicopter's "Moon Calf". Love those Conet Project samples.


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