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[wh195] Marco Lucchi - Mater Natura

[wh195] Marco Lucchi - Mater Natura

Label: Webbed Hand Records
Catalog: wh195
Released: 17.06.2011
Styles: Ambient Electronic Experimental

Mater Natura (parte prima) [22:31]
Mater Natura (parte seconda) [22:56]
Stabat Mater [05:39]

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Mater Natura is Marco Lucchi's digital rendering of "Stabat Mater" by Estonian composer Arvo Part, a sombre meditation on current events.

"una preghiera pagana

"One must prepare a comfortable seat with several cushions and embroidered covers, from all that is found in the house, like one who prepares a canopy for a bride. For the Shabbat is a queen and a bride. This is why the masters of the Mishna used to go out on the eve of Shabbat to receive her on the road, and used to say: 'Come, O bride, come, O bride!' And one must sing and rejoice at the table in her honor ... one must receive the Lady with many lighted candles, many enjoyments, beautiful clothes, and a house embellished with many fine appointments ...

(while hearing from Japan)" --Marco Lucchi

Recorded & produced by Marco Lucchi
originally released 15 March 2011

based on Stabat Mater by Arvo Part


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