Techno-Релизы    2011    June
[sadayatana031] Big Mouth, Big Teeth

[sadayatana031] Big Mouth, Big Teeth

Label: Sadayatana
Catalog: sadayatana031
Format: 153kbps MP3
Released: 10.06.2011
Styles: Ambient Experimental Field recordings Podcast
Size: 199.3 MB

00:00 Hjalmar Peterson - Fotograferingen
02:39 Pyne - Discarnate
08:51 Reverse Projection - Abyss
13:59 Edu Comelles - Digeridoo MetroVLC
16:55 Seetyca and Etheocles Stevens - The Phace
32:41 Sadayatana - Intro
34:55 Juanjo Palacios - Rozamiento
44:33 Juanjo Palacios - Liquerique
48:27 Controlled Dissonance - The Wretched and the Sublime
56:32 Miquel Parera Jaques - nx Automatic
62:20 RPM Orchestra - Porchlight Flickers
66:42 Reverse Projection - Intuition
72:48 Plastic Love Tool - Bite of Phantom Smoke
76:57 Reverse Projection - First Sight
76:58 Daniel del Rio - Sant Feliu (resonant rocks)
79:03 RPM Orchestra - Linear With Intent
80:16 Reverse Projection - Mist
84:50 Agustín Medina - trevillion
88:49 MZ-N710 - Track05
91:02 RPM Orchestra - Cylinder Rituals
94:46 Edu Comelles - fira_binaural
97:52 Reverse Projection - Old Potion
103:42 Somnaphon - OrbII
107:37 Juanjo Palacios - Atraque
116:10 Reverse Projection - 800mts
120:00 Sadayatana - Voiceover
122:00 Christian Salva - O How We Felt These Days
172:57 Juanjo Palacios - Playa
177:12 Sadayatana - Outro

Source's preview
Played a long mix by Christian Salva of Kopp Netlabel fame: "O How We Felt These Days". Nice mix, it fit the show very nicely. I like this netlabel quite a bit. Thank you Christian Salva!

Played a lot of stuff from the Audiotalaia Netlabel. So good. Kind of a Spanish flavor to tonight's show. Always a good thing.

New releases from Inside, Just Not Normal, and Otium netlabels. Good stuff all around.

I paticularly like the new release from Mark Stolk's Just Not Normal: Dead voices White noise, which is all about EVP. "Electronic voice phenomena (EVP) are electronically generated noises that resemble speech, but are not the result of intentional voice recordings or renderings."

Hard to beat with a stick even. Mark's last release for a while... bummer. Hurry back Mark! We miss you.


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