Techno-Релизы    2011    June
[totf015] Sascha Muller  - Glockenturm

[totf015] Sascha Muller - Glockenturm

Label: Top Of The Flops
Catalog: totf015
Released: June 2011
Styles: Techno
Total time: 7:26
Size: 872.8 KB

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Sascha Müller is not an unknown name in the dance scene and with this release he just puts it straight in your face! Glockenturm is a feast for the party head who enjoys a steady flow of feel good beat stoner heaven. you dont need to pop a pill to end up in a spaced out rave session. This track brings you into a mental trance and there's no glock to save you and wake you up from it!
play it on repeat!!! dance till you die!

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