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[sp09] Oblivion Garden - Acacia

[sp09] Oblivion Garden - Acacia

Catalog: sp09
Released: June 2011
Styles: Dub Electronic Techno
Size: 49 MB

01 - Acacia Garden
02 - Space Sheep
03 - Multiple Reality
04 – The Lost Jockey
05 – Windmill Projections

All tracks written and produced and mixed by Serhan Berberoğlu
All tracks mastered by İsmail Genç
Artwork by Mert Şahbaz

Source's preview
With "Acacia", we welcome another new member in the Sublime Porte family : Serhan Berberoğlu, aka Oblivion Garden. Before this release he put out tracks as Lucid Picnic under various labels such as Peak Records, Mindwaves Music, Audio Ashram and released his first ep, "Metathinking", in 2008 on the German-based Tropic Netlabel. He has performed in a number of locations around the world and is currently working on his own radio show. He also has a varied instrumental practice, which shows in this ep.

"Acacia Garden" opens with a simple 4/4 rhythm that will be constantly evolving over the course of the track, adding and withdrawing elements around a koto-esque sounding riff, gently finding its way through layers of pads and factory noises, with a strong sense of patterns and melodic structures.

"Space Sheep" is more restrained, putting side by side a strong groove and layers of melodic sounds, either bubbling in the background or forming arpeggios of aural smoke coming out of the speakers.

The next track, "Multiple Reality", is much darker, keeping the same drums as the precedent tracks but transposed in a menacing context, with the composer's melodic sense applied to atonal sine based notes that shimmer in tempo with the different claps and bleeps composing the rhythm, and a lush bell-sounding bassline.

"The Lost Jockey" decides to instead pair subdued dub techno chords with a stepping dubstep-like drum pattern and arpeggios reminiscent of melodic new age ambient productions of the late 80s...

"Windmill Projections" closes the ep on a quieter note, with a nautical, chord progression underlining shimmering scales of high-pitched notes and faint accents of fluffy, organ-like synths.


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