Techno-Релизы    2011    July
[dw080] Somnarium  - The Fourth Presence

[dw080] Somnarium - The Fourth Presence

Label: Dark Winter
Catalog: dw080
Released: July 2011
Styles: Ambient
Size: 67 MB

01 - As Upon Your Eyes (14 MB)
02 - A Bed Of Pale Worms (10.4 MB)
03 - Devouring The Hollow Ones (14.2 MB)
04 - Conference Of The Damned (15.3 MB)
05 - Wretched Seed (10.1 MB)
06 - The White Shroud (4.4 MB)

Source's preview
Dark ambient meditations on the purity of primal feeling associated with isolation. It is difficult in modern society to fully clear the mind of task based review and thought. “The Fourth Presence” is intended as an aid for full immersion and submission into the originating darkness; an area we infrequently visit throughout our lives although it is our ultimate collective destination.

It is highly recommended that playback occur late at night while prone and devoid of everyday occupations. A darker companion to current ambient releases from Australian ambient musician Michael Meara, this album primarily utilises processed guitar drones and various field recordings as source material.

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