Techno-Релизы    2011    July
[cl-040] FMcontrol  - Genetic Control Frequencies

[cl-040] FMcontrol - Genetic Control Frequencies

Label: Crazy Language
Catalog: cl-040
Format: MP3
Released: July 2011
Styles: Abstract Electronic Experimental Glitch
Total time: 00:24:37

01 FMcontrol - gfhh space quadrant2
02 FMcontrol - bosone75Master1 mix
03 FMcontrol - Gui+
04 FMcontrol - linfocity
05 FMcontrol - Monolih's resonance
06 FMcontrol - ppatoSciro o sciroppato
07 FMcontrol - tanino stile mix

Source's preview
The good son always returns home. Once again, a delightful FMcontrol release for Crazy-Language, keeping the tradition of his broken-beat style of self-created frequency modulation patches and complex musical structure. What’s different this time around is a certain minimalism felt throghout the songs. There aren’t as many crazy layers as in past releases, working with fewer elements but exploring every single one of them to it’s fullest, resulting in some very interesting cold tunes, sending chills down your spine at every turn. There are recognizable elements of acid techno through some vintage synth lines and drum kits, but the results are definently not what you are thinking. It’s a tale of two worlds that FM knows how to combine: cheer mechanical prowess alied to the capacity of sending the most creepy feelings throghout your body. Best suited with good headphones and nice stereo system. [F.G.]


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