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[mixg023] Insanity13  - Tragedy Triumph

[mixg023] Insanity13 - Tragedy Triumph

Catalog: mixg023
Format: 320Kbps MP3
Released: 20.07.2011
Styles: IDM Trip-Hop
Total time: 34:45
Size: 65.16 MB

1. Insanity13 – Tragedy Triumph (feat. Bulat aka Dext) (3:36)
2. Insanity13 – ABC (feat. Oxy from Be Quite And Dive) (4:30)
3. Insanity13 – Humanizm: Against The Nature (2:29)
4. Insanity13 – Cherry Clouds (feat. Oxy from Be Quite And Dive) (5:47)
5. Insanity13 – Horror (feat. Oxy from Be Quite And Dive) (5:59)
6. Insanity13 – Passion (feat. Mike from Be Quite And Dive) (5:05)
7. Insanity13 – Retrospect (7:15)

Source's preview
This time Mixgalaxy Records would like to share with you some voices from Izhevsk, Russia. The music project Insanity13′s new album entitled Tragedy Triumph is a brave attempt to mix together various elements from industrial and darkwave music to electropop and glitchy idm. Also you can expect deep trip-hop vibes alongside edgy synthetic leads, dramatic vocals and involving atmosphere. So stick this release to your player where it belongs because it’ll stay there for good.


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