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[mk46] Urbanoise - The tea was a failure

[mk46] Urbanoise - The tea was a failure

Catalog: mk46
Format: 320 kbps MP3
Released: July 2011
Styles: Experimental Improvisation
Size: 119.9 MB

1. Cellphone interfearence
2. Numb Knobs
3. Solitude Collage
4. Dibdab
5. Blame Champagne
6. Can't Sleep
7. The tea was a failure
8. Who is to blame
9. You think is funny
10. My name in Chinese
11. Seats for people who need H
12. My name in Chinese (2nd version)

Source's preview
Here's the beautiful new album by urbanoise, from Greece, mK46 the tea was a failure (a live recording)

A project that began in 2005, between friends, after jam sessions and having worked together in the making of a video and sound for a video art festival . The point: creative interaction, experimenting, co-ordination, discharging every day routine.

The Urbanoise Group Therapy. Sustained by Panayiotis Vaxevanakis, a.k.a. Asty Tekk, who has repeatedly collaborated with various musicians and/or friends, jamming and playing live in Athens and Thessaloniki music stages and festivals. 2009 brings many new acquaintances and from mid-summer he teams up with George Golfis ( NTListen ) focusing at live improvisation combing analog synthesizers , field recordings , live sampling dusted vinyls , looping and modulate , vocals and acoustic instruments, playing along with friends- musicians and not. experimenting and searching. They performed live (with Vassilios Oikonomidis at saxophone and flute and Stella Atzemi at vocals) in Berlin at Netaudio Festival 09 with SCSI-9 , Disrupt , .at/on and many other great musicians. They record a live session in Berlin (Berlin Radio Session E.P) releasing it at 33 Recordings (Berlin Radio Sessions // ( ) and a compilation of older works from 2006-09 the Lower Places ( ... aces/10858 )

They perform live at festivals making sound installation for exibitions in Greece and always trying to work as collective with other people like Eva Papamargariti ( who's making the visual theme for accompanying the live performances , Stella Atzemi the young talented artist which usually sings and speak stories on the microphone. The main focus is always the same . searching imagination , interaction with each other

The tea was a failure was created by Astytekk , Γ , Stella Atzemi and Jordan Psomadakis

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