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[id.068] Dubsalon - Durban Chamber LP

[id.068] Dubsalon - Durban Chamber LP

Label: iD.EOLOGY
Catalog: id.068
Released: July 2011
Styles: Dub Dubstep Electronic Funk Jazz
Total time: 48:19

01. In a Dream
02. Shifting Mood
03. Green Dub
04. Twisted Dub
05. Sound Clash
06. Awka
07. 4 am
08. From the Sea

Source's preview
An echo is ... an echo is ... an echo. And sometimes it's something like a musical instrument. It might be rhythmic, it might vary in pitch, and - put to smart use - it might add patterns, beats, even harmonies or the odd psychedelic moment to a track. Ever since Lee "Scratch" Perry first whacked a garbage pan in the Black Ark studio, dubheads worldwide have known and appreciated these qualities.

Being the echo's birthplace, the echo-chamber logically is the temple for Dubsalon in which to celebrate his very own dub-ritual with his iD.EOLOGY debut. Following the old ancestor's motto of "Anything can be dub.", he remains open to the most different influences and easily avoids being reduced to reggae and roots. Next to some sofa-fit bass and a fair lot of echo-artistry Dubsalon's multi-dimensional tracks offer enough space for elements from dubstep, funk, electronica, hiphop, downbeat, lounge and jazz. Effortlessly, his varied sound oscillates inbetween pop and psychedelic, inbetween listenability and limitlessness, electric and electronic, inbetween full-on and far-out. With an audible passion for slick production and just the right pinch of live-elements, Dubsalon effectively cooks all of this into an equally relaxing, rousing and reality-bending concentrate of thick, tasty dubby treacle.

Here to speak the prayers is a brother in faith, a high-priest of dub and a true low-frequency connaisseur: Saetchmo. Be it as a resident DJ of the Berlin #tassebier posse around Kreuzberg's Blogrebellen, be it as the host of his very own weekly Echochamber show: saving bassjunkies like us from cold turkey through extra classy DJing skills is his everyday routine. Saetchmo was kind enough to sprinkle some of his magic over Dubsalon's tracks, and has mixed them down into half an hour of headnodding, trippy goodness.

So obviously, just like the echo itself, this album comes in and with plenty of different facets. What it really has in common with the echo, though, is another thing: you'll listen to it again and again ... and again ... and again.

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