Techno-Релизы    2011    July
[wh201] Ice Guild Kaiser - Rain

[wh201] Ice Guild Kaiser - Rain

Label: Webbed Hand Records
Catalog: wh201
Released: 05.07.2011
Styles: Ambient Drone Soundscapes
Total time: 00:56:18
Size: 128.9 MB

01 Rain [00:56:18]

Source's preview
The cryptically familiar Ice Guild Kaiser recently emerged from his workshop with this purpose-built addition to the popular "Rain" series.

This recording is a product of Ice Guild Kaiser's research into Webbed Hand's venerable "Rain" series, and it bears structural similarities to the earliest releases, while showing the influence of later mutations. He acknowledges that, at heart, "Rain" is functional music, a remote descendent of so-called elevator music, easy listening, new age and other genres composed for relaxation and unfocused audition.

Rain is a series of conceptual tracks produced for Webbed Hand Records. Each âRainâ is a CD-length ambient recording ideal for quiet listening while meditating, writing, or going to sleep. Typically the recordings in this series are minimalistic soundscapes, with motifs played out cyclically rather than progressively, in order to induce relaxed states.

Ice Guild Kaiser: Synth, field recordings, sound manipulations
C.P. McDill: Cover Design

Play quiet or loud depending on your needs.


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