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[brq075] Max Cavalerra - Billones de rayos solares EP

[brq075] Max Cavalerra - Billones de rayos solares EP

Label: Broque
Catalog: brq075
Released: 01.07.2011
Styles: Techno Trance

bienvenida primavera
baila baila
la apertura
vuelo cromatico
aurora celestial

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After a very busy first half of 2011 we were planning to be on a well-earned summer break already. Apparently, we did not take into account these insomniacs who decide spontaneously to have other ideas. Like Max Cavalerra, who – thanks to his wife – digged out an ages old hard drive. On plugging in, some old but beautiful germs surfaced which otherwise were destined to be buried in oblivion. Immediately, we found ourselves in a world of synth melodies and sine waves which couldn’t be more exciting, even after seven years. But raving is timeless anyway, in particular when the summer is just about to start. Kudos also to Al Conti for the Spanish translation of the track titles. With this fantastic and original EP, we are sure that we will make it into a summer break, eventually.

15.11.2011 10:08
la apertura-МАГИЯ ЗВУКА!Ребята качайте,не пожалеете!Ну просто класс,спасибо!!!
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