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[wh161] Cult of the Hidden Nerve - Music for the Macrocosm

[wh161] Cult of the Hidden Nerve - Music for the Macrocosm

Label: Webbed Hand Records
Catalog: wh161
Format: 8  File, MP3, 320 kbps 
Released: 30.01.2011
Styles: Ambient Electronic Experimental IDM

01 Extinguished [02:00]
02 Poly’s Rhythm [05:01]
03 A Darwinian Segue [02:16]
04 Eyeball Out of Place [04:55]
05 Ghost [08:10]
06 Open the Cage [06:15]
07 The End [03:37]
08 Anihilution [04:03]

Source's preview
COTHN’s stylistically diverse music communicates dark, futuristic visions.

“Cult Of The Hidden Nerve, known for their music driven, electronic revelations, have delivered something different to their previous albums. Up until now, the music has been experimental and synthetic adventuring into the mind where music and psychology meet. This album, Part electonic ambience, part studio recorded band, has brought about a huge revelation in what music can be for Cult Of The Hidden Nerve, and something utterly different to the user.

“I have not been experimenting so much on this album, so much as composing with what I have already learnt about the relationship between the mind and music. Im trying to go beyond happy major chords and dark minor chords, and really grab hold of the psychological prowess music has, particularly compared to other arts…”

Whether or not you are touched by this ultra personal attempt of communication, the experience of listening to this music is undeniable. Hairs on the back of ones neck rise and fall with the ebb and flow of the melodies, trance like sensations are provoked as the rythms fall about almost effortlessly. While there is no specific feeling, the sheer affect of this music is epic, and after an intense listening, one could be forgiven for feeling a little exhausted.” – the artist


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