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[Sadayatana 011] The Wreck of the Adrenals

[Sadayatana 011] The Wreck of the Adrenals

Label: Sadayatana
Catalog: Sadayatana 011
Format: MP3, 154 Kbps
Released: 29.01.2011
Styles: Ambient Drone Soundscapes Podcast
Size: 199.0 MB

00:00 Joe Frawley Left Cincinnati
04:31 Sadayatana Host speaks on topics of great moment, or not
06:15 Shane Morris & Muied Lumens At the gates of the unknown
15:54 Kirill Platonkin Flowers Cracking The Pavement
22:59 Kirill Platonkin In The Corner Of My Memory
28:26 Kirill Platonkin Dr. Hofmann's Bicycle Ride
31:18 Kirill Platonkin Confluence Of Worlds
39:26 ZMG The Sect - p0
40:47 ZMG The Sect - p1
44:24 ZMG The Sect - p2
47:09 ZMG The Sect - p3
48:24 ZMG The Sect - p4
52:30 ZMG The Sect - p6
52:32 ZMG The Sect - p5
54:56 ZMG The Sect - p6
59:15 Nasienie Land and Sea
59:16 Sadayatana Host speaks on topics of great moment, or not
61:44 Nasienie Land and Sea
61:46 CAF Dub 1 (edit 3)
65:52 Sina Veil Of Tears
65:54 Sina Violent Things
66:34 Sina Sick
68:44 Sina The Sleepers
70:17 Sina Veil Of Tears
72:45 Sina In My House
76:39 Sina Time And Tide
78:31 Sina An Unkindness (Reprise)
80:17 Danadax Infestation of robotic insects
82:06 Danadax Oct 10th 2005 Vero Beach
85:18 dust 2 - Two
85:19 Joe Frawley The theory of Emily
88:17 Joe Frawley Cumulus
96:17 Andrass Kiss Catotelm
104:21 Krabatof Aokigahara
108:55 Krabatof Ki no umi
109:56 Rigel Orionis Variation One
123:44 Sublinear And The Wind In the Trees Is Like the Sound of Eternity
127:37 Sublinear Breakdancing In the Rain (edit)
127:50 Rigel Orionis Variation Three (edit)
128:04 Sadayatana Host speaks on topics of great moment, or not
132:33 Nagual Art This Winternight Forever
135:44 Nagual Art Cathedral of Flyers (Intense Remix by Dopedrone) (edit)
139:01 Koji Okamoto Submarine volcano
146:43 Joe Frawley Descension Day
149:09 Joe Frawley Faded flowers
152:35 Joe Frawley The hypnotist
157:17 Joe Frawley Apparition
160:56 Joe Frawley Mistress of Ceremonies
164:46 Palancar Grandmother of the Dawn
174:41 Palancar January 6, 2008 (City Abandoned to Electric Birds) (edit)

Source's preview
The show opens with the title track from Joe Frawley's "Left Cincinnati". Joe was kind enough to send me this CD a couple days ago. I am so glad he did. You will be too.

New releases from the Dark Winter, Webbed Hand and Earth Mantra netlabels. Kirill Platonkin, ZMG, Nasienie, and Rigel Orionis are the respective artists.

The second hour of the show features music from the Just Not Normal Netlabel. Thank you Mark Stolk aka Mystahr!

Then several more tracks from other Joe Frawley releases, including "Speak of This To No One", "A Book of Dreams", and "Rittual Research". All these tracks got a big response in the chatroom. I think you will like them too.

Finishing up with a nice track from Palancar and a tease from my favorite ambient train wreck.


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