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[wave004] The Bee - Beelogic

[wave004] The Bee - Beelogic

Label: Wavelike
Catalog: wave004
Format: 320Kbps MP3/ WAVE
Released: 27.01.2011
Styles: Techno
Size: 98.4 MB

01. The Bee ~ Vulkan (Original) ~ 05:53
02. The Bee ~ Vulkan (BL Busted into Shape Rework) ~ 05:08
03.The Bee ~ Vulkan (DestroyER Remix) ~ 06:46
04. The Bee ~ Playonormphon (Original) ~ 07:12
05. The Bee ~ Playonormphon (Jimmy T Kindt Remix) ~ 06:12
06. The Bee ~ Quaralbee (Original) ~ 06:18
07 . The Bee ~ Balalajka (Original) ~ 05:49

Source's preview
“The warrior of light is now waking from his dream. He thinks: ‘I do not know how to deal with this light that is making me grow.’ The light, however, does not disappear. The warrior thinks: ‘Changes must be made that I do not feel like making.’ The light remains, because ‘feel’ is a word full of traps. Then the eyes and heart of the warrior begin to grow accus-tomed to the light. It no longer frightens him and he finally accepts his own Legend, even if this means runnings risks. The warrior has been asleep for a lomg time. It is only natural that he should wake up very gradually.” by Paulo Coelho

Artwork by Melan Wastage
Released under the Creative Commons License (by-nc-nd)


30.01.2011 21:40

Вообще жесть 06. The Bee ~ Quaralbee (Original) ~ 06:18
07 . The Bee ~ Balalajka (Original) ~ 05:49

28.01.2011 18:49

клубный вариант.

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