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[S27-064] Silent Strangers - Anagram1:Dither

[S27-064] Silent Strangers - Anagram1:Dither

Label: Section 27
Catalog: S27-064
Format: 320Kbps MP3
Released: 24.01.2011
Styles: Abstract Experimental Glitch IDM
Size: 82.0 MB

01 - Focal Shift
02 - 5icicle
03 - Notion4
04 - Stae Cis
05 - Meanderer
06 - Ever Evolving Spaces

Source's preview
Fitting back into a darker sort of vibe here at S27 courtesy of Christopher Lombardo, better known as Silent Strangers, who offers up his first in a four-part series of releases called Anagram. Its first piece Anagram1:Dither is a journey into sounds that cling to dark spaces, where alter-dimensional atmospheres bubble like tar and comes laced with liquidised metallic rhythms that burrow deep into your conscious. A strikingly visual and detailed work and like the final track suggests - "Ever Evolving Spaces", this is one for the headphones.


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