Techno-Релизы    2011    January
[podcast025] Maurizio Miceli - Sublime Porte Netlabel Mix

[podcast025] Maurizio Miceli - Sublime Porte Netlabel Mix

Label: Deepindub
Catalog: podcast025
Format:  File, MP3, Mixed, 320 kbps
Released: January 2011
Styles: Dub-Techno Podcast
Total time:  1:05:51
Size: 151.0 MB

1. Zzzzra - Improvisation En Sieste Mineure
2. Iksenit - Into The Background
3. Mr. Bizz - Space 2999
4. Randoman - Undulation
5. Zzzzra - Petite Lassitude N°3
6. Randoman - Saturated (Sublime Porte Redshift Remake) / Remix – Sublime Porte
7. Havantepe - Melody For Penelope
8. Derivate - L3
9. Cold Form - Alienation

Source's preview
Sublime Porte is a netlabel that put out excellent high quality dub techno & deep house music releases.
Based in Istanbul, Sublime Porte is a net label and social platform for electronic music makers and listeners.
The name Sublime Porte is derived from the term “sublime porte” which was used for addressing the divan (court) of the Ottoman Empire. Sublime Porte is the literal French translation of bab-i ali which means lofty gate. This particular term was used in the context of diplomacy by the western states, as their diplomats would be welcomed at “porte”. As a name for our label it conveys our aim for standing as an eminent source for modern electronic music.
Sublime Porte is a team of creative individuals from Istanbul Turkey.
Sublime Porte intend to infuse thei eastern influences with the western oriented genre they produce. Considering that different experiences cause different inspirations, the music that Sublime Porte produce is unique in the way that it incorporates the various elements of they diverse culture and the impressions of modern practices.
please peoples, download, enjoy and share it !

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