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[RTPOD18] Denis The7Notes - Electrodubstart

[RTPOD18] Denis The7Notes - Electrodubstart

Catalog: RTPOD18
Format: VBR MP3 / Ogg Vorbis
Released: 11.01.2011
Styles: Techno Podcast
Size: VBR MP3 —138.3 MB / OGG Vorbis — 42.2 MB

1. CV313 – Galaxy313 (Fortune8)
2. Arpanet – Infinite Density (Record Makers)
3. Clatterbox – Press On (Cheap)
4. Pendle Coven – Habitual Stress (Modern Love)
5. A Made Up Sound – Sleepwalk (Subsolo Records)
6. Silicon – Sonic Rescue (Frustrated Funk)
7. Cosmic Force – U Know Wassup (Marguerita Recordings)
8. Ultradyne – Be Machine (Pi Gao Movement)
9. Ovatow – X-Dub 2 (SD Records)
10. E.R.P. – Vox Automaton (Frustrated Funk)
11. Bochum Welt – Saint [Heinrich Mueller Z Version] (Rephlex)
12. Burial – Archangel (Hyperdub)
13. Stinkworx – Northside Aquapolis (VEXT)
14. Echoplex – H Man (Soleil Records)
15. Mike Huckaby – Wavetable No 9 (SYNTH)
16. Gosub – The Rain Comes Down (Citinite)
17. Franck Roger – Yeah Pretoria (Earthrumental Music)
18. Mike Huckaby and Pacou – Sessions [Main Mix] (Cache)
19. Disrupt – Tubby Rom Module (Werk Discs)
20. Gosub – Lost In Our Ways (Frustrated Funk)

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Denis The7Notes – is an ideologist of both St. Petersburg’s online record store and Detroit-influenced label Etiku World Recordings. The mix that he supported for RT podcast is a special compilation of something that lays between the stylistical borders, characteriseb by thw words ‘electro’, ‘dub’ & ‘deep’. Be ready for intimate and sensuous journey on the waves of sounds. Made with the heart, for your pleasure, enjoy!


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