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[wh152] The Musk-rat Cult  - The Last Mark of the Upcoming End

[wh152] The Musk-rat Cult - The Last Mark of the Upcoming End

Label: Webbed Hand Records
Catalog: wh152
Format: 3  File, MP3, 320 kbps 
Released: 10.01.2011
Styles: Ambient Drone Industrial

01 Lead Your Plough Through the Bones of the Dead [10:00]
02 The Monster [03:13]
03 The cry of all things that are going to die [12:32]

Source's preview
These abstract dark ambient works by the Musk-rat Cult approach sound from a painterly perspective.

When asked to describe this album, here’s what the artist said:
“It’s hard to write something about this album, the idea was to create music that’s like an abstract painting – everyone can hear something different in it. I’m a painter, so I’m always surprised with what other people can see while looking at my paintings. Sometimes they see it as something completely different from what I thought while creating them. I wanted this album to be as abstract as possible and I think it works. There were a lot of different oppinions about it, someone told me, that it sounds like a soundtrack to David Lynch’s movies (which may be true, I’m a big fan of those), someone else said it’s more like a musical way of describing mental disorder or a psychedelic trip.
While recording this album I used a lot of strange noises, some of them are animal sounds with some effects used on them, others are radio noises. I even used a noise that my radio started making during an aurora in Iceland. I don’t think anyone else have ever used this sounds to create music.

…TLMOTUE is the 4th album by this project. First years of creating music as TMC (2005-2007) was just experimenting with different sounds and noises. There were a lot of demos, I put the best tracks together and that’s how the first official (at least for me, it was never released) record of TMC was created. It’s a 10-track EP called “Mechanical Bananas, Rubber Spoons and Jelly Mutants from Outer Space”. I think the title tells a lot about how it sounds, it’s like a strange, psycho child of Monty Python and Merzbow.

Between 2008 and 2009 I used to play in many different bands, I needed something different, something made only by myself. That’s when I thought about creating something as The Musk-rat Cult again. Before I used to think about it as something not really serious, but at that moment I thought that I can make it something more than just a way to kill some time. I started creating new music, that was still very noisy, but it became darker. That’s how the second EP called “Enema” was created.

After “Enema” I felt that the idea for this project in that shape is over. That’s why just after recording “Enam” I started working on the first “real” album as TMC. The name of it was supposed to be “Hidden Faces and Surreal Voices”, but finally I changed it to “Mutatis Mutandis (Hidden Faces and Surreal Voices)” Again the title tells it all – mutatis mutandis which means “the necessary changes having been made” is a perfect way to describe the way I felt while creating this music. It is probably the first record by TMC where I haven’t used only noises and different sounds, but I combined them with more traditional sounds and real instruments.”


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