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[at037] Juanjo Palacios - Portuario

[at037] Juanjo Palacios - Portuario

Label: Audiotalaia
Catalog: at037
Format: 4  File, MP3, 320kbps
Released: January 2011
Styles: Ambient Soundscapes
Total time: 33:50 

01. Rozamiento
02. Atraque
03. Contenedor
04. Pantalán

Source's preview
I personally met Juanjo Palacios a few months ago. We had the opportunity to gather in Madrid for a gig organised by our friends of Latimeria (Juan Antonio Nieto and Almudena Villar). I had been chatting on the net with him since I found it’s release as Blezna, released at Alg-a Netlabel. Since always we had in mind a future collaboration and I wanted him to work on a project for Audiotalaia. Finally after a wait that was worth here we have Portuario. The new instalment of Juanjo Palacios is a four track EP that combines all the interests of this particular artist.

Palacios defines himself as a phonographer and sound artist and he has been involved in many projects regarding Soundscapism. He combines the materials and soundscapes that he captures on field trips with processed drones and ambient textures. Palacios uses soundscapes as textures and elements to transport certain sonorities to specific places. This time, with Portuario, the issue its a Harbour (Musel Harbour in Gijón, North of Spain). The usage of both soundscapes and field recordings provide the release with a bast palette of sound structures that can be heard as abstracted soundscapes, or auditory schematisations of the sound of a shore.

Finally and reviewing it’s previous work at GreenField Recordings, we can understand the consistency of Palacios’s work. At Luis Antero Netlabel, Palacios released a Soundscape album based on shore recordings (Borde Litoral), on Audiotalaia this artist releases an abstraction of the shore or the coastline. If on the previous album we had a precise study of the northern coastline of Spain here we have an evocation of the same.


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