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[bsc_005] Minisystem - Life Above Ground

[bsc_005] Minisystem - Life Above Ground

Label: Basic Sounds
Catalog: bsc_005
Format: File, MP3, WAV
Released: 04.01.2011
Styles: Electronic Techno

1. Waves Passing Through Fields
2. Rest Control
3. Goldenrod
4. Sick of Something

Source's preview
Toronto based producer, Minisystem (aka Jeff Lee) finds solace in the warm sounds of old analogue technology. Using a collection of vintage synthesizers and drum machines he crafts his own unique brand of techno-informed synthpop. His first full-length album, Madingley, was released on Noise Factory records in 2006, followed by a contribution to 2009′s Vulnerabilities + Consequences, a vinyl compilation of electro tracks featuring the likes of Solvent and Lowfish.

His EP for basic_sounds, Life Above Ground, is four tracks of melodic electro and techno pop that invoke an ambiguous mix of melancholy and optimism. ‘Waves Passing Through Fields’ is an airy synth ensemble underpinned by a bleepy electro beat and a bubbling arpeggio bass line. ‘Rest Control’ starts off as a tinkly slow-jam that evolves to deliver a techno punch. ‘Goldenrod’ is layered with insect and orchestral samples from Mira Calix’s surround sound mix of ‘Nunu Wadudu’. Finally, ‘Sick of Something’ is a sentimental jaunt with multilayers of warbling melody over a propulsive dance progression.


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