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[bfw112] I Heard Something In The Distance volume 7 - a BFW recordings sampler

[bfw112] I Heard Something In The Distance volume 7 - a BFW recordings sampler

Catalog: bfw112
Format: MP3 192kb/s
Released: 28.02.2011
Styles: Ambient Electronic Experimental IDM Indie Compilation
Total time: 01:21:44
Size: 91.95 MB

01. Kamin - Hase Im Licht
02. Ghostkid - Martian Waving Goodbye
03. Entheogen - Neuromodulator
04. Amygdala Projects - Amygdala
05. Closer Contact + Meteer - Serenitatis One
06. dep - Evening At The Symphony
07. False Awakening - Interlude II
08. SineRider - Kalt
09. Bing Satellites - The City Beneath A Veil of Calm
10. Cousin Silas - December In The Dunes
11. The Silent Committee - Snowfall
12. Maybe Starry Skies - Versus
13. My Own True Desire - Grieve
14. I Am The Devil - Monsters and Saints
15. The Danger Girl Starship - Cousins
16. False Awakening - Idem
17. Bing Satellites - Please Don't Call Me Bill Baxter (edit)

Source's preview
The seventh compilation from BFW recordings, featuring music from current and future BFW releases, from December 2010 to March 2011.
This is probably the most ambient compilation we have released so far, although there are elements of indie guitar noise and glitchy electronics thrown in there for good measure.
All in all, a great album showcasing the wide range of music we release - all available to download for free from BFW recordings.


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