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[FR-pod030] Desiree Paris - Atlas Digital Gold

[FR-pod030] Desiree Paris - Atlas Digital Gold

Catalog: FR-pod030
Released: 25.02.2011
Styles: Minimal Tech-House Techno Podcast

2. JORICK CROES - get money
3. LA ROCA - hustler
4. JEFF KEENAN - feels so good
5. MINIMALISTIC & NUMB - positive minus
6. FEDJA KNAJDL - road to africa
7. THE PETE - the mission
8. MAXIME L - sweety o
9. ELECTRORITES - insects
10. RAPINNA - the time changes
11. SLANGSDORF - roomshine
12. THOMAS PLOCH - bad mushrooms
13. MONKTEC black - spider
14. KAZU KIMURA - hypnotyde
15. JOHN HELSON - giant of olympus
16. FELY B - euphoria
17. DE MARCHI - zeugma
18. DELANO & MARK DRAKE - 2010
19. DESIREE PARIS - wave alchemist
20. DJ HOCUS - gipsy arabia
21. MIGUEL OLIVEIRA - de puta madre
22. ILIADE - manouchkovsky
23. CALDYN fata - morgana
24. MATIAS VALDMONT - el sonio

Source's preview
Fully delivered on the promise of its debut release Gold, an early roadmap to the intricate world of electronic music, by adding Platinum and Diamond to create a trilogy of mind-blowing, booty-shaking sounds. The Gold album is strictly minimal and techno; Platinum sticks to tech house with allusions to a complex of world genres and instruments; and Diamond is intelligent electronic, jettisoning you into a deliciously uncertain futuristic cosmos with brain-probing speech snippets, weaving rhythms, tangible atmosphere, and manic mood changes. This label has beaten some serious inroads into the electronic music revolution with a dedication to quality underground music, an emphasis on quality production, and a commitment to promoting only those artists capable of pouring their own personal magic into their sound. All productions have two common denominators: an element of depth and the manifestation of the distinctive personalities of the artists. In the broad spectrum of the electronic music world Freitag Recordings is continually expanding the horizons of musical taste for all who dare to listen by including in its compilations the works of s slew of different artists who captivate listeners with their creative genius. Atlas Digital sprang from a wish to create compilations representative of the best electronic music in the alternative global village (hence the name) and forthwith opened the doors to the most creative producers of electronic music worldwide. The label comprises its own full-blown international roster of the likeminded, representing producers from Argentina, Mexico, the USA, England, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Holland, Belgium, the Balkans, Bosnia Herzegovina, Spain, Italy, Malta,Hungary, Greece, Georgia, and Japan.


27.02.2011 23:43

Блииин киньте кто небуть ссылку первого трека в этом миксе, ну ооочень понравился мне он!!)) Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз-Плиз


весь инет обрыл, незнаю где его скачать!))

27.02.2011 21:42

К сожалению, этот релиз недоступен для скачки..

27.02.2011 21:39

Лейбл сильный! Но увы =( этот альбом не скачать(((

26.02.2011 21:27

нравится, а как скачать?

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