Techno-Релизы    2011    February
[bp062] Cagey House - Calico Pastry Sunshine

[bp062] Cagey House - Calico Pastry Sunshine

Label: bypass
Catalog: bp062
Format: 5  File, MP3, 320 kbps 
Released: 24.02.2011
Styles: Abstract Electronic
Total time: 16:33
Size: 31.03 MB

Cagey House - 01 - Lower the Bubble Viewer (4:00)
Cagey House - 02 - Billboard Whiskers (2:48)
Cagey House - 03 - Tu et la Flea de la Plage (2:45)
Cagey House - 04 - Cagey House is a Big Sissy (3:39)
Cagey House - 05 - Ethel of the Rocks (3:21)

Source's preview
Bienvenue dans le shaker des illusions perdues! Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, and above all, be careful, for the paint is not yet dry! Scattered about, are the remnants of formica chips (hell! formicat, comment vais-je traduire ceci? Laminate?) Float now, through a powerfully atmospheric memory trip and experience complete levitation, as everywhere the particles are excessively resistant to your gracious appreciation. Relax and let yourself go completely. Nothing is spared, nothing is restricted. Dave Keifer aka Cagey House may very well be a genius, an iconoclast provoking a demonic revolution...

By now, you, of course can understand the near impossibility of portraying such a character (though this was exactly what ZhangJW asked me) - Cagey House does not respect conventions! Ready to dissect?

"Lower the bubble viewer" which brilliantly opens the release, will not leave you indifferent. If it does, you need to quickly consult a supersonic astrophysicist (I have addresses). Where are we? Too late! Surrounded! Submit to delicious words of love, a french whisper, bouncy riffs, flexible sarabande, and many more temptations to come, but...Scenery change.

Speed dating in a flash of high velocity, you're transported to a delightful towering garden, flowering with whiskers. Symbiotically echoing and reflecting, you merge into a piercing laser beam's voluptuous flash with the softness and agility of Barbarella, while the laconic, fuzzy guitar riff brewed into the cut-up advances.

"You and the Beach Flea" will embrace you gently and will respond to you day and night, enveloping you in a strange, dreamy ballet...a very curious to and fro. If Cagey also shows a bit of a "romantic streak" let's not become entangled in endless, sterile discussions...the rhythm is there! The rhythm is there and does not wait just until the delicate point of rupture-- you will slalom in the mode of "ritournelle".

But where are we? So ready to exit and yet so completely lost.

Could Cagey House have surreptitiously abandoned us? Left us alone, destitute...poor harmonic orphans. But no! Now the ringmaster of this magnificent circus has given us his finest gift, "Ethel of the Rocks". So much like a perfume caressing our eternal desires and illusions...our eternally sweet illusions...lost.


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