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[wh169] Wavespan & The Ghost Between the Strings - From Our Hands a Darkling Light

[wh169] Wavespan & The Ghost Between the Strings - From Our Hands a Darkling Light

Label: Webbed Hand Records
Catalog: wh169
Format: 320Kbps MP3
Released: 23.02.2011
Styles: Ambient Drone

01 Ghostwave Theorem [37:20]
02 Valley of the Stones [07:08]

Source's preview
We are pleased to release this first collaboration between two drone ambient talents.

“In many ways, a collaboration between Wavespan and The Ghost Between the Strings is long overdue. Both artists have released music on Treetrunk and Webbed Hand, both artists specialize in ambient drone, and both use organic sounds as the sources for these drones. While Wavespan has utilized gongs, bridges, bells, Tibetan singing bowls, pianos, and metal sculptures to produce his drone works, TGBTS has focused on the guitar as his primary sound source.

“Wavespan contacted TGBTS several months ago about a collaboration, and received a series of guitar improvisations in early January (2011). Excerpts of these improvisations were processed by Wavespan and treated to various forms of signal processing, including: time stretching, reverb, delay, distortion, amp/cabinet emulation, and filtering. Next, Wavespan went to work on the centerpiece of the album, ‘Ghostwave Theorem.’ After assembling a rough structure for the piece, he began adding some of his own processed field recordings to the mix. At this point, Wavespan cut-up a gritty jazz loop, to which he applied further processing. For the finishing touch, excerpts from Michael Saunders’ The Labyrinth of Music Theory podcast were processed and added to the mix.

“The second, shorter piece, ‘Valley of the Stones,’ was assembled from some of the remaining improvisations that were not utilized for the first. In addition, Wavespan added some processed field recordings to complete the mix.

“Wavespan would like to extend a special thank you to Rurik Leffanta (xoxos), whose ‘23_words’ VST was utilized to create the endlessly varying permutations of the jazz loop you hear throughout the piece. In addition, Wavespan and TGBTS are grateful to Michael Saunders (Metatheseus), who graciously permitted the sampling of his podcast.”

The Ghost Between the Strings: Prepared Guitar (
Wavespan: Sampling, Arrangements, Production (

Vocal Sample in track 1: Michael Saunders (Metatheseus)
from “The Labyrinth of Music Theory” Podcast

Artwork by eg0cide S.A.

From Our Hands a Darkling Light


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