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[pr013] Axs - Dissonances rythmiques

[pr013] Axs - Dissonances rythmiques

Label: Perso Records
Catalog: pr013
Format: MP3 320kb/s
Released: 18.02.2011
Styles: Ambient Dub-Techno Techno Low Bitrate Mix
Total time: 01:11:16
Size: 133.62 MB

120 (Perso Records)
Anandamide (Unreleased)
Petite Musique de Nuit (Unreleased)
Flexion Extension (Entropy Records)
Cobra Verde (Schall Netlabel)
Venlaflaxine (Unreleased)
Je Suis un Rat [Version Infecte] (Deepindub Netlabel)
Sans Retour (Perso Records)
Ekranoplan (Retardataire)
Ennui Profond (Sublime Porte)
Attaque de Panique (Unreleased)
La Nouvelle Grille (Entropy Records)
Retard Chronique [Version] (Unreleased)
Il se Passe Quelque Chose (Unreleased)
Stator Dub (Deeper Level)
Banlieues Chics (Unreleased)
Ekranoplan [Version Primitive] (Schall Netlabel)
Petite Lassitude N°3 (Sublime Porte)
La Force Collective (Perso Records)
La Joie Chez Soi (Entropy Records)
Flexion Extension [Axs Dub] (Unreleased)
Ennui Profond [Optic_Remix] (Sublime Porte)
Pneuma [Filtre Lent] (ZeECc)
Aurore Pneumatique (ZeECc)

Source's preview
This mix was made by Axs in January 2011 to satisfy Zzzzra’s giant ego, in an attempt to prevent Zzzzra from revealing Axs’ real identity.
As of now, no additional info has been given, but we will most likely have more details in the next few months.
In the meantime, you can download the mix on this site, strictly for information purposes, as there may be some hidden messages embedded inside.
If you notice weird details in the mix, please forward them to the comments section so that we can maybe answer your questions. - The Perso Records Corp.

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