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[foot168] Jack Anderton - The Missing Couple

[foot168] Jack Anderton - The Missing Couple

Label: Bump Foot
Catalog: foot168
Format: 12  File, MP3, 320 kbps 
Released: 13.02.2011
Styles: Ambient Electronic Acoustic Field recordings
Total time: 49:32
Size: 86.8MB

Thunder House (1:13)
Pond Nymphs (3:12)
The Lover's Orrery (6:24)
Mrs Pen Gob (2:11)
Ithsmus (3:34)
Honeymoon Cottage (4:16)
Shivering Sands (6:13)
Fission Sail (3:46)
Scar Rocks (4:14)
Bay Window (South Facing) (3:47)
Leyden Jar (3:40)
The Pneumatics Apparatus (7:03)

Source's preview
With an indroduction by Second Thought, Jack Anderton sent us one of the finest ambient album of this year. Electronic and acoustic, field recordings and voices... it's like a soundtrack album for a trip.
About The Missing Couple (by Jack Anderton) : "Inspired by an idea of a couple's honeymoon that for unknown reasons never takes place, The Missing Couple is a journey through the jilted landscape they would have visited- part real- part their imaginations. This area of coastline in England, with nearby woods and pathways, is brought to life with synths, field recordings and occasional acoustic guitar melodies to make a heady mix of nostalgic, beautiful, sometimes sad music that aims to be part dreamscape/part landscape, dwelling on themes of solitude, immersion, and an implacable sense of regret."


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