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[bfw107] Bing Satellites - Twilight Sessions volume 4

[bfw107] Bing Satellites - Twilight Sessions volume 4

Catalog: bfw107
Format:  MP3 192kb/s
Released: 07.02.2011
Styles: Ambient Soundscapes Improvisation Chillout
Total time: 01:35:41
Size: 107.64 MB

1. Moments Of Solitude
2. Light Trails Across The Night Sky
3. Watching The World Go By
4. The City Beneath A Veil Of Calm
5. Day Becomes Night

Source's preview
The fourth album in the Twilight Sessions series. Like the previous three releases in this series, this is a collection of improvised live recordings. In places, very ambient: long, drawn out pieces that evolve slowly, creating quite an emotive and evocative sound. Each piece starts as a blank canvas with no preconceived notion of where the music will go. Notes and noises are played from synths, guitar, voice, clarinet and samples and fed into one or two loops which repeat and layer and decay. These loops can be quite long, so as a performer I can add notes as I see fit, but only have a certain amount of control over what is heard - the rest is serendipity.

As I have recorded more and more of these sessions, I finally feel like I am finding my musical voice. There is something magical about the music being spontaneous. I never know where it will take me. I add notes and flourishes here and there but sometimes a loop may be over a minute and a half long, so I never fully know what I am adding notes to! I hope you enjoy this album as much as I enjoyed makiing it. Rest assured, another one will follow soon enough!


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