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[rwclub012] Erreome  - Mis Ciclos

[rwclub012] Erreome - Mis Ciclos

Label: Rawmatroid
Catalog: rwclub012
Format: 320 Kbps
Released: February 2011
Styles: Deep-House
Total time: 35:06
Size: 65.81 MB

01. City Start
02. Help
03. Catedral
04. Help (Ales Pardo [Subsotano] Soul remix)
05. Catedral (Kebiin Re-interpretation mix)

Source's preview
In this new Rawmatroid Club reference we want to present music from Vigo artist Erreome, in which the extreme sensitivity to the surface, the nostalgia and the hope are mixed going through various styles such as deep, house or even trance reminiscences.
“City Start” is the track that explores the emotions with a deeper tone, in a startup that marks a kind of introductory environment to the film, is carried with elegance and finesse, and ends up creating a really dreamy and evocative atmosphere.
“Help” could be the musical halfway through in the form and content of this EP, evolving in rhythm and without leting go the depth characteristic of the previous track, it stimulate our imagination and transport us again very far.
The single-note melody wrapped with the pushing of “Catedral” synthesizer makes it an incredibly emotional track, a real melodic song which is the third and closing of the three original songs.
The reference includes as extras a Kebiin version of “Catedral“, in a more orchestral and subjective interpretation, and a “Help” remix by Ales Pardo (Subsotano), in which the producer also left his personal mark with his characteristics bass lines and synths.


03.02.2011 16:11

unfortunally, the remixes are not so convincing ...

03.02.2011 15:41

With the first beat I fell in love with this beautiful release.

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