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[Noisybeat038] Outlaw Producer & Trouble - Flight Speed

[Noisybeat038] Outlaw Producer & Trouble - Flight Speed

Label: Noisybeat
Catalog: Noisybeat038
Released: December 2011
Styles: Dubstep Techno
Size: 63.7 MB

1.Outlaw Producer & Trouble - Flight Speed (Original Mix)
2.Outlaw Producer & Trouble - Flight Speed (Jahpawa Remix)
3.Outlaw Producer & Trouble - Flight Speed (Cixxx J Remix)
4.Outlaw Producer & Trouble - Flight Speed (Bist Remix)
5.Outlaw Producer & Trouble - Flight Speed (RA Remix)

Source's preview
Funky, stripped-down-to-the-core, bass heavy as usual, its summer time memories and vibes with this 5-tracker featuring an international array of artists: Outlaw Producer & Trouble from Austin, TX (USA), and Cixxx J, Reeven Andy, Jahpawa and Noisybeat`s own hero Bist on the remix duties (ITALY). “Flight Speed“ by the Texas based duo Outlaw Producer & Trouble slows down the pace and adds even more groove to the lot, and sends us into chilled-out hyper-spaces with a tune which can sit in a different array of DJ sets: house, techno, (post)dubstep and what not! Cixxx J`s remix of “Flight Speed“ takes the tune into the 140 BPM territories, picking the grooviest and the most techno-influenced elements of the original tune and bringing them forward in/out. The one-and-forty BPM pace is set also by the skanky dancefloor variation provided by the now London based Jahpawa: warp the bassline to the mids, add some electro flavors and provide some funky drums, drop in a lil` bit of amen, its a perfect crime! But what if we put the release date twenty years forward? What would we get is the heavy yet chilled, industrial yet organic sound of Reeven Andy: perfectly engineered for maximum headphone pleasure and soundsystem and thought mayhem, his remix is alloy-processing-wise-future-sound, with a soul! You need to chill back down tho, and we got one for that also! Put the lights low, burn some stuff and its time to enjoy Bist remix: with sub-bass for days, and vibes for years its one to make love to. Rarely techno music sounded so arousing and sexy, so don`t say no and get a copy of the whole release for FREE!


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