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[RTPOD26] Stress_TN - 8Bit Gameboy Live

[RTPOD26] Stress_TN - 8Bit Gameboy Live

Catalog: RTPOD26
Released: 26.12.2011
Styles: Electronic Podcast

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Happy New Year, techno people! The next long awaited podcast episode is online and i’m glad to present you Stress_TN, former member of 8bit Brothers project, who now concentrates on solo career and live PA’s. This live was actually recorded during the ‘To4ka C6opkn’ (Geathering Point) event which took place in Retro Club, Taganrog, in October, 2011. The whole music set was played using 2 gameboys, Nintendo DS and a mixer. The recording was then fixed and mastered to sound cool, for your pleasure. Enjoy the weirdness of a raw chiptune sound in our next podcast episode!


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