Techno-Релизы    2011    December
[qnb015] LifePhorm - Cloudwalker

[qnb015] LifePhorm - Cloudwalker

Label: Qunabu
Catalog: qnb015
Released: December 2011
Styles: Deep-Techno

01. LifePhorm - cloudwalker
02. LifePhorm - Delusions
03. LifePhorm - inseminated world
04. LifePhorm - Optical Illusions

Source's preview
LifePhorm a word, Simple?
I do not know what it is simpler, life or form that we give to them?
LifePhorm is a project, drawn from my own life.
If I produce my tracks question I always wonder what keeps us as a human being doing?
I called in everyday life Eildert Geerds and produce with Ableton.
I myself started (you will not believe it!) With a Playstation 2.
By Rob AKA Rob belleville I actually continued to produce.
He has taught me the basic how you can build a beautiful song and sound like as my tracks now.
Together with Rob, I have a project set up as Contemplation of sound the track Archipelago is the first track of us who have been issued so far!
I use the most vst plugins where I feel at home!

Eildert Geerds AKA LifePhorm


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