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[pn072] Pirata - Escondido por ahi

[pn072] Pirata - Escondido por ahi

Label: Pueblo Nuevo
Catalog: pn072
Format: MP3 320 kbps 
Released: 15.12.2011
Styles: Ambient IDM Minimal-Techno
Total time: 40:22
Size: 95.9 MB

01. Escondido por ahн (04:57)
02. En cafeнna (06:40)
03. Kaleidoscopio (06:16)
04. Cabeza de leуn (04:14)
05. Dos gramos (05:58)
06. Sin tonos (05:04)
07. Estбtica (07:13)

Source's preview
"Exciting, thrilling, and constantly evolving, is how it could be describd this second release from the musician from Via del Mar, currently located in the southern city of Los Lagos. We're talking of Antonio Daz aka "Pirata", for Pueblo Nuevo Netlabel.

After 4 years of production since his awarded album "Minimental" (pn24), he gives us now: "Escondido por ah", to confirm and ratify the most high production level from him.

Subtles samples, disturbing voices and quite atmospheres against a surprising and outright beat are set off. All of this is joined by tech and abstract sounds crafting this sound universe that lead us towards a complex future."


04.12.2012 13:27
♀ Eto po mne♀
16.12.2011 18:48
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