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[shhht_13] Lunova Labs - shhht-13
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[shhht_13] Lunova Labs - shhht-13

Label: Silenced
Catalog: shhht_13
Format: MP3 320 kbps 
Released: 04.12.2011
Styles: Downtempo Electronic Techno

1. paradise (to be) regained 03:05
2. autumnal tints 04:11
3. night & moonlight 03:07
4. the over-soul 04:31

Source's preview
Let's call this future garage? There's a piano, syncopated rhythms, beat-skipping kick drums and spaced out vocal samples.
Lunova Labs (USA) made this release purposefully for the Silenced netlabel. It was inspired by a philosophical movement, called transcendentalism, which developed in the 19th century. Among the transcendentalists' core beliefs was the inherent goodness of both man and nature. Transcendentalists believed that society and its institutions - particularly organized religion and political parties - ultimately corrupted the purity of the individual. They had faith that man is at his best when truly "self-reliant" and independent. Each song is titled off of a piece of work written by some of the leading figures of the movement.
The album breaths spirituality and mystery. I dare you to hit the repeat button. You'll find yourself back on the moon.

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