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[ME 52-11] Synroc - Gluco EP

[ME 52-11] Synroc - Gluco EP

Catalog: ME 52-11
Format: EP, MP3 256 kbps 
Released: December 2011
Styles: Electronic Experimental IDM
Size: 90 MB

01. Glucokinetic
02. Glycolysis
03. Glucokinetic [(Project) Ritual Noise Mix]
04. Glucopyranose
05. Glucokinetic (Missing Link rmx by Cracked Core)
06. Gluconeogenesis
07. Eradicator (recombine)
08. Gluconic Acid
09. The Inevitable Downfall (recombine)

Source's preview
Первый опыт создания EP. За основу был взят трек Glucokinetic с альбома Evasion. В EP вошли несколько собственных переработок на заглавный трек, а также два ремикса от коллег по лейблу Cracked Core и (Project) Ritual Noise. Плюс добавлены две переработанные версии двух треков с предыдущих альбомов Eradicator и The Inevitable Downfall.

This is my first experience of creating an EP. Glucokinetic from ‘Evasion’ album was taken as the basis of this work. Several my own revisions of the title track and two remixes by colleagues from the ME net label – Cracked Core and (Project) Ritual Noise – were included in the Gluco EP. In addition, I completed the EP by two extra reworked tracks from previous albums – ‘Eradicator’ and ‘The Inevitable Downfall’.

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