Techno-Релизы    2011    August
[epa073] Polar  - Memoria inmediata

[epa073] Polar - Memoria inmediata

Label: Epa Sonidos
Catalog: epa073
Format: 320Kbps MP3
Released: August 2011
Styles: Downtempo Techno
Size: 89.5 MB

01 Alpha final trasmission
02 Dorotea
03 Vastedad
04 Colossus
05 Despreciado
06 Plan maestro
07 Polar science
08 Springhill
09 Dial code
10 Aeropuerto

Source's preview
The common argument to say would be "This disc comes from the end of the world", but why not see it in another way and lets say: "This release comes from the beginning of the world: The Patagonia".
Polar is one of the members of the duet Magallánico "Lluvia ácida". As a soloist, Héctor Aguilar in "Memoria Inmediata" gets close to the sounds of down tempo and hip-hop, with an exceptional way to handle samples, reaching musical solidity within the instantaneous moments as much as in the whole picture.


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