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[norbu16] Kalope  - To norbu (from the archives)

[norbu16] Kalope - To norbu (from the archives)

Label: Norbu
Catalog: norbu16
Released: 23.08.2011
Styles: Ambient IDM

01. warm winters (4:23)
02. warm winters (tosteur's new shiny compressoeur remix) (4:39)

Source's preview
As all of us know the best things in life are the things you don't expect. Those things are usually gifts sent from the past ourselves (pous from now on through the text) to the future/present ourselves (f/pous from now on). By the nature pous are a tricky kind, sometimes they try to confuse us with cryptic messages that more than often reveal carefully constructed ploys that alas usually have trivial outcomes. The real art of life (label) management is in smart choosefullness of these gifts. Seven days ago we received a mail from pous, it contained just one sentence and a link to zip file on a questionable server. It said: "Set it free and be joyfull". First thing that alarmed us was the unfortunate misspelling of word joyful, as experienced f/pous we immediately started goggling (binging) any connections and hidden meanings in that word. Few hours later we decided that it was probably just another meaningless ploy from pous with a goal to loose unnecessary time on internet not doing anything meaningful. The zip file file contained 2 music files almost completely forgotten by us.

After few days of careful consideration and time spent practicing exceptional choosfullness we decided with the satisfactory majority of votes to set it free. At one point there were some confusion about the way we should set it free, but after failed attempt to print out that files on piece of paper and throw it from a bridge in a river we realized this is maybe a more practical way. Due to the paradoxes of the time-space nature, there is no artwork for this release. So without further ado  here it is, Be free and joyful.


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