Techno-Релизы    2011    August
[RT 23] Anatoly Kovernikov  - Junk EP

[RT 23] Anatoly Kovernikov - Junk EP

Catalog: RT 23
Released: 20.08.2011
Styles: Techno

1. Anatoly Kovernikov – Calibro [6:07]
2. Anatoly Kovernikov – Philosophy [7:56]
3. Anatoly Kovernikov – Kapsul [3:35]
4. Anatoly Kovernikov – Sector Tesla [5:30]

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A new name on the label – Anatoly Kovernikov. He’s from Penza and his brain is full of ideas. A new wave engulfs the Russian Techno headquarters. New artists, fresh sounds – that’s what we got for the late summer of 2011. ‘Junk EP’ is a vivid example of what’s happening in the heart of Russia’s club scene. Complex rhythmic constructions but simplicity in the groove, weird subliminal sounds, sliced pieces of vocals and sudden melodic bursts – all this will keep you aware all the way the music plays, in headphones, or in the club. Check out the ‘Junk EP’ right now, and you won’t regret, because it’s tovarisch Kovernikoff in the house!


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