Techno-Релизы    2011    August
[sp010] Sublime Porte  - Red Apple remixes

[sp010] Sublime Porte - Red Apple remixes

Catalog: sp010
Released: August 2011
Styles: Dub-Techno

01 - Red Apple (2011 Rework)
02 - Red Apple (Hakan Finn Remix)
03 - Red Apple (Beto Narme Remix)
04 - Red Apple (Subsky Remix)
05 - Red Apple (Flatliners Remix)

Source's preview
After Oblivion Garden's more experimental ep, Sublime Porte houses a new dub techno cut with Red Apple, featuring a number of remixes in various styles.

The original track would work as a strong set opener, and is very logically put in first place : it's dub tech action at its finest, with the usual mid-track break, great filter work and a keen sense of groove. Lush reverberated chords and a ghostly hihat-snare combo completes the picture. A very appropriate track for the summer.

Hakan Finn takes a radically different direction, with a broken dubstep-like rhythm, built around a stepping kick and beautiful nautical percussions. It is also more reduced than the original, and while the chords are recognizable, they are neatly wrapped around the kick drum for maximum effect.

Beto Narme goes even further into dubstep territory, with a remix that kicks in at a steady 136 bpm. His very percussive style is here matched with a lot of talent to warm house-alike pads and gritty chords to much effect. With it's broken structure and great sense of rhythm, this is one remix that will work wonders in the club.

Taking a more submarine approach, with bubbly sounds and long reverbs, Subsky's remix sets a very relaxed, chilled out mood, despite the upbeat rhythm and very smart construction. Joined halfway by a beautiful Rhodes-like pattern, this remix is definitely the housier of the bunch.

Finally, the Flatliners remix takes the drum n'bass route, providing a very refreshing take on the original, bringing back a lot of memories of good old jungle records, mixed with the warm dub-like sensibility of the original track, keeping a very roots bassline and spring-reverbed chords layed over classy vocals. The most surprising track of the release for sure...


28.08.2011 19:18

Ништяк просто))))))


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