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[wh202] Planivaar  - Between Worlds

[wh202] Planivaar - Between Worlds

Label: Webbed Hand Records
Catalog: wh202
Released: 11.08.2011
Styles: Ambient Electronic Experimental

01 Moustache [3:37]
02 Man Buys Newspaper [3:57]
03 What is this? [2:28]
04 A Dog Without a Lead [3:40]
05 The Visitors [3:24]
06 Careful Now [4:34]
07 Sleepwalking [3:39]
08 Broken Window [4:21]
09 If Only They Knew [4:22]
10 Somebody Watching [6:30]

Source's preview
Planivaar illustrates the realm "between worlds" with this intriguing new album combining instrumental improvisations and sound collage.

About this album:

"Between Worlds" was inspired by moments of detachment from everyday life, when the mind wanders and you co-exist in the physical and the imaginary. You can walk home or have a conversation but also feel slightly removed from the experience.

Created over a number of months late at night the album blends haunted guitar, warped keyboards and quirky samples to form what is possibly the strongest Planivaar album yet.

Artist Bio:

Planivaar began in 2005 as the musical explorations of visual artist Mark Lippett. He has so far had releases on Earth Monkey Productions, Split Femur Recordings, Make Mine Music and Lost Property Productions.

Mark creates his work in isolation making music that is simultaneously dark, unsettling, nostalgic and quirky.

All music written and recorded by Mark Lippett at Creative Space
Album info and cover image by Mark Lippett


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